Why Brahmi Is Considered as The Ultimate Brain Booster In Ayurveda?

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Ayurveda shares a rich history of herbal treatments that cure infinite sickness and ailments. This ancient art of medicinal healing has become the epitome of mostly every serious disease, syndrome, and deficiency. Usage of herbs and expert therapeutic skills are not just safe from hazardous side-effects but goes straight for the root cause of diseases. One such popular and effective herb in Ayurveda is “Brahmi”. People mostly refer to it as a brain booster but our Ayurveda Wellness Centre Pune believes it has more additional qualities that contribute to human wellness and overall health.

Let us dig deeper to know what Brahmi is and why it has been an essential herb to mostly every Ayurvedic medicines.

Brahmi is a therapeutic herb and is known to be a memory booster, aphrodisiac, and health stimulant. According to our Kerala Ayurveda experts, “Brahmi is an excellent herb used for strengthening the human body and enhances the brain functioning process”. The three aspects of memory namely, long-term memory, short-term memory, and retaining the capacity of the brain are all ignited with regular intake of Brahmi. It has a cooling property that soothes our mind and releases anxiety issues. Our experts also recommend Brahmi herb to those fighting insomnia or sleeping disorders.

  • Benefits of Brahmi

    Apart from this, Brahmi plays a pivotal role in building the overall health. Some of the major benefits of Brahmi are

    • It refreshes and offers clarity to the mind
    • Strengthen our memory and intellectuality
    • Helps with concentration and focus of brain
    • Enhances the daytime energy and nighttime quality sleep
    • Purifies the blood cells and help with healthy blood circulation
    • Good for healthy skin and gorgeous hair
  • How to Use Brahmi?

    For all of its quality and benefits, Brahmi can be used as an Ayurvedic herb for both external and internal wellness.

  • External Use of Brahmi

    Oil: Our Kerala Ayurvedic experts emphasize on the usage of Brahmi oil for massage therapy to promote healthy skin, healing, and therapy for joint problems. The oil also helps with the growth of hair and encourages the functioning of nervous system and brain.

  • Internal Use of Brahmi

    Brahmi Paste has some essential elements that have a great impact on human digestive problems. Being a brain booster, Brahmi intake supports own body mechanisms. It can either be taken as a tablet, powder, or liquid extract.

    Consult our Best Ayurvedic doctors in Pune to enlighten you with major benefits of Ayurvedic herbs with proper dosage and usage that enhances your nervous system, digestive system, and overall health.