4 Effective Ayurvedic Treatments For Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

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Back Pain and Sciatica

4 Effective Ayurvedic Treatments For Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

The modern lifestyle is hectic, stressful, and demanding; both, physically and mentally. A sedentary job, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet take a toll on your health, and one of the glaring signs of the same is a pain in the lower back. Pain in the lower back and Sciatica is one of the most common problems that affect the vast majority of people in their lifetime.

Ayurveda has some of the most effective solutions for a broad spectrum of health problems, including Sciatica and lower back pain. According to Ayurveda, lower back pain is predominantly caused by Vata, which is referred to as ‘Apana Vata’.

Apna Vata is located in the colon, pelvis, and lumbosacral part of the lower back where the Vata finds its natural stride and governs several physiological functions such as lower back movement, hips, thighs, and excretory processes in the body such as urine, faeces, menstruation, and more.

As mentioned above, Ayurveda offers effective treatments for lower back pain and Sciatica. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Kati Basti

Kati Basti is one of the unique Ayurvedic treatments for lower back pain. ‘Kati’ means lower back and ‘Basti’ translates to ‘to hold’. A flour dough well is made on the lower back which is then filled with warm oil that is replaced continuously when it cools down.

The hot oil enhances blood circulation significantly in the lower back and relaxes the muscles, which decrease pain, stiffness and increases movement.

2. Steam and massage therapy

A typical Ayurvedic full body massage relieves tension and relaxes the muscles in the body. The skin absorbs the herbal oils which nourish the body and skin. The skin therapy is known as Abhyanga in Ayurveda and is primarily used to relax and soften the muscles.

3. Therapeutic enema

Therapeutic enema is one of the most effective treatments to deal with lower back pain. In this treatment, Ayurvedic oils are inserted inside the colon and extra Vata is eliminated from the pelvic region. Various studies have revealed that substances delivered by enemas administered through the mouth quickly pass through the bloodstream.

4. Herbal supplements

Herbal supplements are highly effective in offering relief from lower back pain and Sciatica. However, it is essential to consult with your Ayurvedic practitioner before using these supplements.

Castor oil – helps in the reduction of Vata


Ashwagandha – offers nourishment, rejuvenation, and decreases the pain significantly.

Lower back pain and Sciatica can significantly lower the quality of your life. However, with effective and age-old Ayurvedic treatments, you can easily overcome these problems. Apart from the mentioned Ayurvedic treatments, it is also vital to make dietary and lifestyle changes to get rid of lower back pain. Kerala Ayurvedic is one of the best Ayurvedic clinics offering a range of Ayurvedic treatments, including Panchakarma treatment in Pune. Schedule an appointment with us today to know more!

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