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Ayurveda Treatment centre and hospital Franchise

 Muppra Kerala Ayurvedic Group maintains a strong bond with its franchisees.

Muppra Kerala Ayurvedic Group believes that successful businesses are built on strong relationships. We continually value, respect, trust and nurture our franchisees and distributors because they are a vital part of our business’ future; the partners we require to expand and spread the concept of traditional holistic health around the globe.

Four generations of Ayurveda expertise have given Muppra Kerala Ayurvedic a leading advantage and a strong standing in India’s health industry. Over the years we have effectively merged the traditional Ayurveda techniques with modern concepts, and this has led to our successful migration nationally and internationally. We uphold the authentic practice that has time and again proven its efficacy over the centuries, and at the same time continually conduct cutting-edge research to maximize the potential and the potency of Ayurvedic Medicine for its use in the modern world scenario.

We offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish their own Muppra Kerala Ayurvedic treatment centres or hospitals around globe. 

Ayurvedic franchisee

Ayurveda and global market

According to ASSOCHAM, the Indian herbal industry doubled from Rs.15, 000 crores to Rs.30, 000 crores by 2023. Muppra Kerala Ayurvedic presents a promising opportunity for those with an interest in India’s Ayurvedic wellness as it has established itself as one of the most trusted Ayurvedic brands globally.

A Shift in International Tourism

The world is rapidly shifting towards a new understanding of health and that is “wellness”. Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. It is much more than just being free from disease.

The need for a harmonious natural lifestyle goes well beyond all geographical boundaries. And this can be well understood by the unending proliferation of Yoga around the world. As Yoga’s complementary health system, it is understandable that Ayurveda too is now following the regime. Yoga and Ayurveda are not merely two separate but related healing disciplines of India. Each has its exclusive place and purpose, but both overlap into the other on various levels. Ayurveda is beneficial if you are following the path of yoga. Practice of these two incredible healing methods can offer you the true meaning of wellness.

Muppra Kerala Ayurvedic Group is dedicated to offering our customers something more than medicine, therapy, Yoga, detox or beauty treatments. We offer full lifestyle coaching, education and support, giving them all the tools they need to permanently enact change when they return home.


Ayurveda is a life science which has 2 main principles. That is preventive and curative. 

Preventive is done by preventing a disease by lifestyle management etc that is wellness in general terms. Ayurveda not only emphasizes on wellness but also cures that to in a natural way. A lot of curative methods nowadays have more side effects than the actual disease so in Ayurveda it is believed that to cure a disease with natural way with no side effects.

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Why Muppra Kerala Ayurvedic?

The Muppra Kerala Ayurvedic Group provides full support who really wamts to upbring Ayurvedic science around the globe. We are authentic ayurvedic practitioners who work 24*7 to uphold all the basic ayurvedic principles in healing and preventive care.

A Trusted Brand

Muppra Kerala Ayurvedic is an ayurvedic clinic which started at Kannur since 1940  by Kelan Vaidyar, which branched out now to different parts of india because of 100 percent sincere dedication and authentic ayurvedic therapies.

Why give franchises??

Nowadays in name of Ayurveda, many people do a lot of fraudulence. We want the genune Ayurveda to spread around. There are lot of people who suffer because of many diseases which can be cured by Ayurveda but facilities are not available. Our partners are unique to us, and every relationship we build is exclusive and special. We want to build such a partnership in which we can help people as well as upbring ayurveda.

Marketing support

We have an excellent marketing and communications team for the benefit of your expanding franchise. We are keen to equip our partners with all the industry know-how we have accumulated in our eight decades of holistic health practice and hospitality.

Staff Training

Muppra Kerala Ayurvedic training centers are located at Kerala. We are always able to source outstanding Ayurvedic doctors, teachers and therapists to fulfil your staffing needs. Every individual staff given will be specially selected and trained to perform their skills in professional and authentic ways.


Muppra Kerala Ayurvedic centers have proper ayurvedic authentic products which will be provided to all our partners. All the traditional secret recipes including the patent medicines will be provided. All the oils which are used for treatments are carefully prepared and provided.

All the oils for the treatments are specific to diseases. Special traditional medicinals oils for treatment will also be provided.

Technical support

Muppra kerala ayurveda has its own technical support team along with updated software app which help any partners to have a registry maintain stock and monitor the patients.

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