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Panchkarma - Advantage & Disadvantages


In ancient days there were no antibiotics and no technologies. Even then people survived after fighting in wars. Generally allopathic medicines are used for fast recovery, but have many hidden side effects. People those who have poor immunity power can regain their health by the means of Ayurveda. This method reverses the path of the man.

  • Panchkarma treatment in Pune:The treatment as the name says can be done through cleansing and rejuvenation of body and mind. Panchkarma treatment in Pune offers affordable and comfortable way of treating mind and body. Specialization in this treatment corresponds to certain fields such as overall health care, self healing etc. Following are specialized methods.
    1. Vamana – for treating vomiting
    2. Virechana – partitions impure blood from pure blood
    3. Basti – treatment for male and female urinary disorders
    4. Nasya – maintains eyes, ears and nose healthy
    5. Raktamokshana – to remove the toxins in bloodstreams
    6. Snehan – complete body massage
  • Best Panchkarma centre in Pune:Panchkarma method reverses and removes the body toxins completely, people can manifest the stage of disease either it may be diabetes or piles etc. At the end people will think of the centers. The best Panchkarma centre in Pune is Jeevana Panchkarma Ayurvedic Center. This is the right place for the people to recover from the disease. It is unique and holistic and also ultimately forbids damage to the health.
  • Panchkarma diet:If the person is undergoing Panchkarma treatment then he/she is bound to follow the diet. It is consumed simultaneously by special diet. This has to be monitored by doctor periodically. The preparatory procedures will help in body discard and also the toxins will be filled in alimentary canals. It has equivalent treatment called pradhanakarma.
  • Ayurvedic treatment in Pune:To enrich the natural health and beauty, Ayurvedic Panchkarma treatment is preferred. As Ayurveda is mentioned in early ancient science, it is believed to be eminent method of recovery. Ayurvedic treatments uphold traditional methods as they are diagnosed by the certified doctors. Kerala Ayurveda Center is voted as the best Ayurvedic treatment in Pune.
  • Advantages of Panchkarma:After thorough diagnosis the treatment of internal medication and the diet plan will be scheduled. This treatment accounts for issues such as infertility, eczema, acidity, sexual debility, sinusitis, obesity, allergies, asthma etc. Excess of sweating helps in obesity.. This allows therapeutic process and also this done to treat intestine, stomach etc. Additional treatments and pre-Panchkarma procedures are followed as per the diagnosed problem.
  • Disadvantages of Panchkarma:At a certain point called Virechana therapy, patient has to control purgation for certain duration. This increases Pitta in the body and causes certain diseases such as abscess, gastritis, vomiting sensation etc. Sometimes, it increases skin disorder too.Panchkarma can be treated in case of paralysis, rheumatism, mental disorders etc. This therapy always begins with the consultation of a certified professional alike other therapies. Once after undergoing herbal treatments one can be feel the relaxed and high state of stress free mind.

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