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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is one of the most common types of arthritis that causes stiffness, swelling, pain and results in restricted functionality of joints, especially those in the hands and feet. RA also has the potential to cause inflammation in lungs, membranes of heart and lungs and even eyes. Ayurveda, the mother of medicinal science terms RA as ‘Amavata’, and also factors that the accumulation of toxins due to improper metabolism as the root cause of the problem. A reputed ayurveda doctor in Pune warns that RA can easily disturb the daily routine life of a person affected by it. That being said, with ayurveda as your treatment methodology, it is quite possible to treat RA.

    • What causes asthma?‘Ama’ or toxins usually gets accumulated in the body through these routes.
      1. Rasama – Improper digestion of food
      2. Malama – Accumulation of metabolic wastes
      3. Doshama – Disturbance in body function due to external factors.

      As toxins get generated and accumulated in the body, they lead to disturbance in doshas which in turn causes disturbances in gut. Hence it is no wonder ayurveda offers it basic principle for the treatment of gut and thereby promote necessary agni and relieve ama completely from the body. Also, for chronic amavata where permanent joint destruction would have occurred, the treatment methodology slightly varies and targets the necessary path to achieve anti-inflammation and analgesic remedies.

      Symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis:Most of the times, RA is always accompanied by typical symptoms that easily categorizes its existence.

      • Stiffness in joints of hand and feet, mostly in the morning.
      • Feeling of joint pains in the same part of the body or both sides.
      • Loss of motion functionality of affected joints.
      • Deformation of joints
      • Feeling of chest pain while breathing
      • Dryness in mouth
      • Itching and burning sensation in eyes
      • Nodule like projections beneath the skin layer
      • Difficulty to sleep
      • Loss of appetite

Who is at risk?

Estimation on existence of RA projects a figure of 1% of human population and also throws a startling statistics – women are prone to RA than men by three times. Although RA can affect people of any age group, it is predominantly noticed in the age group of 40 or more.

How it affects the body?

Being an autoimmune disorder, unfortunately our own immune systems begin to attack the tissues instead of safeguarding them. Generally, inflammation is the natural response of the immunity system, but for the person affected with RA, it is being wrongly guided towards the joints of our body, and in turn proceeds to affect bones, cartilages, and tissues. If not treated properly, rheumatoid arthritis may also lead to complete disability and deformation of joints.

How Ayurveda can help?

Ayurveda provide relief from RA through its vast treatment methodologies:

      • Fasting – Langhanam: Through strict diet that consists only of soups made out of green gram, rice, and barley.
      • Body purification – Sodhana chikitsa: As Panchakarma is an excellent method to purify body and remove toxins it is widely adopted for the treatment of RA. Also treatment techniques such as Podikizhi, Vamanam, and Elakizhi are employed by ayurvedic physicians to remove toxins from body.
      • Reducing the symptoms – Shamana chikitsa: Medicines in the form Kashaya, Choorna, and Taila.
      • Last but not the least, ayurveda always suggests incorporation of good lifestyle habits for speedy and better recovery.

It should also be borne in the mind that RA can be completely cured if treatment is provided in the early stages of occurrence. In chronic ailments, although cure of the disease is not possible, the effects of the disease can be definitely controlled, says an expert physician who offers knee pain treatment and ayurvedic massage in Pune.

If you are looking for the ayurvedic mode of arthritis treatment in Pune, it is always better to approach us at the earliest possible opportunity to achieve complete cure. With vast experience in offering result oriented RA treatment methodologies, you can always depend on us.

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