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Asthma, a chronic lung disease, has been plaguing mankind with decreased ability to breathe easily. Thanks to modern urban life, the problem has aggravated due to factors such as enhanced pollution level, fast industrialization and unbearable crowding. But the good news is that Ayurveda, one of the ancient medicinal systems in the world, has plenty of remedies in its kitty to treat it. Referred as ‘Swas Roga’, Ayurveda approaches the root cause of asthma and hence offers excellent results, says a reputed ayurvedic doctor in Pune.

    • What causes asthma?Although the occurrence of asthma can be attributed to plethora of reasons, the main contributors are
      • Huge exposure to dust, smoke, cold wind and even heat.
      • Exertion due to rigorous exercise regimes.
      • Psychological reasons
      • Genetic factors

      While the first reason is classified as allergic asthma, the rest are grouped into non-allergic category. Let’s learn how we can treat asthma through simple home remedies:

      1. Honey:The simplest way to breathe easily during an asthma attack is by holding a saucer filled with honey beneath the nose and inhaling the air. Also sipping hot water mixed with one teaspoon of honey just before going to bed would provide immense relief from the accumulation of phlegm in the throat.
      2. Garlic juice: A concoction made out of 15 drops of fresh extracted garlic juice and warm water can be taken internally for immediate relief. If you are experiencing early stages of asthma, drinking a cup of milk boiled with five cloves of garlic in the night would arrest the growth of the problem. Also a pinch of turmeric powder can be added in the milk while boiling.
      3. Vegetable juice: To keep asthma at bay, it is always a good practice to drink a glass of juice made out of one-third portion of spinach or radish, two-third portion of carrot and a dash of coriander juice, three times a day.
      4. Turmeric: Also known as haldi, this evergreen herb is a very powerful medicine used in ayurveda for preparing several medicines. Consumption of half a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a teaspoon of honey provides good relief from bronchial congestion that shoots up during an asthma attack.
      5. Neem: Ayurveda suggests medicinal benefits of neem in many of its remedial treatments. Consumption of few drop of neem oil on regular basis would go a long way in controlling the ill effects of asthma.
      6. Fig: Figs can do wonders in removing phlegm from the respiratory system. Eating four overnight soaked figs in an empty stomach as the first thing in the morning, continuously for atleast two months, would yield good results. Also, the water in which figs were soaked can also be consumed along with it to derive full benefit.
      7. Fenugreek seeds: Consumption of a mixture made out of 1 teaspoon each of honey and ginger juice along with one cup of water in which fenugreek was soaked overnight is bound to retard the symptoms of asthma. For better results, always take this mixture both in the morning and evening.
      8. Sesame seeds: Application of warm oil of the good old til in the chest area along with warm compress would provide immediate relief from attacks of asthma.
      9. Black pepper: Application of a paste made out of black pepper, ghee and turmeric powder on chest and throat regions would also provide soothing effect.
      10. Cinnamon powder: Consuming half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder along with one teaspoon of honey in the night would pave way for a good sleep in the night without getting affected by breathlessness issues caused by asthma.

Well, these remedies offer relief in most of the cases and can be easily prepared with the ingredients that are available in the house. But in the event of persisting problems, it is always better to approach our ayurvedic doctor for asthma treatment in Pune. If you are looking out for best ayurvedic treatment in Pune for respiratory or any other ailments, do schedule an appointment with us.

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