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Ayurveda For Improving Eyesight


Eyes are by far the most important sensory organs we possess and hence it won’t be wrong in emphasizing eyesight to be the best gift we all have received. Ayurveda, one of the ancient medicinal systems in our universe, very well understands this fact and hence offers plethora for methodologies to improve them. Defective eyesight, known as Drishti dosha in ayurveda, is one of the end results of nervous disability, high blood sugar, ill habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption, severe constipation, and congestion in chest. But with right medicines of ayurveda it is absolutely possible to improve eyesight, assures an ayurvedic doctor in Pune.

But what exactly are the symptoms of weak eyesight? Although there are many, the salient ones that indicate poor eyesight are:

  • Blurred or disintegrated vision
  • Teary eyes
  • Difficulty or experiencing strain in reading and sewing
  • Red eyes

As ayurveda adopts holistic approach in treating eye defects, it makes excellent use of the powerful herbs that are present in the nature to strengthen the eye muscles and render improvement in eyesight, says one of the Ayurved specialist doctors in Pune. Apart from herbal medicines, ayurveda also prescribes strict diet regime, yoga and other easy to practice exercises to improve eyesight. Let us have a glance on them:

Herbs: As proper blood circulation and strong blood vessels in our eyes are the key factors to ensure proper eyesight, it is not surprising to witness the presence of herbs that are prescribed for eyesight improvement to have excellent blood purifying properties.

Most of the times, RA is always accompanied by typical symptoms that easily categorizes its existence.

  • Amalaki: Rich with antioxidants for regenerating cells, no wonder this herb is renowned for rejuvenating properties. As it provides excellent remedy for blood disorders, it ensures proper flow of blood to our vision system.
  • Haritaki: Being a well known herb for overall health benefits, this herb finds use in most of the Ayurvedic medicines that are prescribed for improving eyesight.
  • Vibhitaki: Akin to Haritaki, this herb is also used for regaining healthy hemoglobin content in our blood stream.
  • Bilberry: Thanks to the presence of anthcyanosides, it is perhaps one of the best herbs available in nature to strengthen the blood vessels and ensure proper blood circulation in our body.


While offering treatment for illness pertaining to vision at our Ayurved hospital in Pune, we prescribe Triphala, Saptamrit Lauha, and Yashtimadhu churana. If the eyesight problem has been caused due to chronic cold, along with the above, medicated oils are also prescribed for inhalation.

Other suggestions of ayurveda

As mentioned earlier, diet and lifestyle practices also play a vital role in maintaining good vision.

  • Washing eyes regularly with cold water
  • Application of medicated kajal
  • Consumption of Amla juice or a concoction made out of honey and pepper
  • External application of rose petal juice

Well, the list of ayurvedic remedies to improve weakened eyesight is virtually endless. And it goes without saying that it is always advisable to consult an ayurvedic doctor to achieve effective cure and better results. If you would like to improve your eyesight, you can always contact our ayurvedic treatment centre in Pune and get crystal clear vision.

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