Ayurvedic Herbs that Helps You Control Blood Sugar Level

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Ayurvedic Herbs that Helps You Control Blood Sugar Level

Ayurvedic Herbs that Helps You Control Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is no more an uncommon disease. One in ten people is suffering from high blood sugar level due to imbalance generated in their hormonal secretion. In Ayurveda, high/low blood sugar level is nothing but a disruption in Vata formation. A diabetic patient undergoes a heavy dosage of insulin and medication which brings further side effects. Nevertheless, with regular diet plan and Ayurvedic herbs, the blood sugar level stays in control.

Let us discuss the Ayurvedic herbs used for Ayurvedic treatment in Pune that is capable enough in balancing the Vata Dosha and blood sugar level.

1) Neem Leafs:

Neem is the most profoundly used ingredient in Ayurvedic treatments. Biologically known as Azadirachta Indica, Neem treasures the quality of antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobial, blood purifying, and spermicidal properties. For diabetes, Neem leaf helps in stimulating the blood glucose levels thus, inflates the insulin production in the beta cells. The Neem leaf extracts and its seeds circulate throughout the blood vessels and distribute sugar to provide energy.

2) Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the key ingredient used as Ayurvedic herb while curing type II diabetes. The Cassia Cinnamon is the purest form of its kind. It has a special quality of stimulating the insulin activity and thus regulates the blood sugar level.

3) Bitter Gourd Juice:

Bitter melon, karela, African cucumber, balsam apple, and ampalaya, it goes on with different names but one thing that remains the same no matter which country it grows in is, its special contribution in curing diabetes. Bitter gourd has various nutrients and minerals apart from Polypeptide-p, Vicine, and Charatin – the compounds potential enough to mimic the human insulin and balances the blood sugar level. Another molecule called momordin helps to regulate the fatty acids and glucose metabolism which again plays a crucial role in curing diabetes.

4) Mango Leafs:

The mangoes are keen to be delicious of course, but mango leaves are also beneficial for human health. In Ayurveda, mango leaves are considered to be the prime ingredient used for curing diabetes as it contains the molecules and compounds that stimulate insulin in the human body thus, balances the hormonal secretion.

The blood pressure control in Pune is done by the most accomplished and certified doctors who are not just devoted to the treatment process but also foresee curing diabetes from its roots. Diabetes in Ayurveda abolishes the minimal chances of side effects. Unlike the allopathic treatments where the person gets injected by heavy insulin doses and medicines, Kerala Ayurvedic binds all the four Vatas together which contributes to a healthy circulation of human bodily activities.

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