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Find out the best Ayurvedic home remedies to treat diabetes

Human biochemistry is really complex and is oriented towards assuring good health and vigor so that we continue to move ahead defeating the challenges of all types. However, illness and weakness are inevitable and the causes could be innumerable. But some diseases and conditions develop due to improper lifestyles and often these are called as the lifestyle disorders! Diabetes is one such condition during which body’s ability to regulate the sugar in blood circulation gets impaired. According to clinic offering diabetes treatment in Pune, diabetes (mellitus) could be of three types, namely – type1 (when body produces insufficient amount of insulin), type2 (when body develops resistance against the available insulin) and gestational diabetes (develops during pregnancy).

The modern medicine system offers only control of it through medicines; however Ayurveda – the ancient traditional medicine system from India offers number of home remedies to effectively manage the condition. The best of such remedies and recommendations as listed by Ayurvedic wellness center Pune are as follows –

Use of certain herbs in daily diet

The most fundamental and authentic chronicles of Ayurveda have listed some herbs that are immensely beneficial in controlling the high blood sugar levels. These herbs are –

  • Bitter gourd – also known by the local name of karela in India, it is an excellent vegetable to bring down the high sugar level. Ayurvedic therapies recommend taking raw karela juice in fresh form daily in the morning.
  • Ocimum sanctum or Tulsi – this is the wonder herb listed in Ayurveda and offers diverse benefits including the control of blood sugar levels. Regular use of it helps establish the vital balance and the insulin resistance is gradually reduced. It is the only remedy that has the potential to reverse the diabetes condition!
  • Turmeric – turmeric use establishes rejuvenation and health and excess sugar in blood circulation is cut down.
  • Fenugreek – fenugreek is recommended to be taken by warm water after waking up in morning. Its essential natural ingredients bring down extra glucose level.
  • Neem – chewing of fresh neem leaves in morning is found beneficial to relieve the body of excess sugars.
  • Bael – this fruit improves insulin production and reduces body’s resistance to the same.

What to avoid and quit?

The person suffering from diabetes needs to quit the habits of alcohol and tobacco use (in any form). These two products have been known to worsen the condition of diabetes and therefore should be completely avoided.

How to optimize the results through diet and lifestyle changes?

According to Ayurved wellness center Pune, lighter exercising is the must complement for controlling and curing diabetes. Brisk walk in morning time is recommended and it is highly effective in keeping body fit and bouncy for the day. The person needs to hugely reduce the intake of sugary stuffs, excess carbohydrates and fats. Person should avoid sleeping in daytime!

Find out a good distraction mechanism

Finding out a good distraction is very important to continue with de addiction; because overcoming the inherent urges is the most difficult component for anyone. The person can find out such distraction which is resonant to his fancies and likes. This will help him to avoid the urges.

The role of yoga as an essential adjunct of Ayurveda –

Leading Ayurvedic medicine Pune center says yoga offers vital benefits in control of diabetes. Pranayams and asans are very beneficial in stimulating the production of insulin in body and thus develop natural response towards diabetes.

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