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One of the severe forms of addiction is Drug Addiction. The sufferer of drug addiction, namely the drug addict hunts for drugs and use them obsessively despite knowing the fact that it is not only harmful to him/her but also to those around them. Drug addiction is primarily a chronic brain disease due to the functional and structural changes caused in the brain. As a result of the intense dependence on either illegal or legal medications or drugs, a person is unable to quit drugs despite of his strong will or even good intentions for that matter. Then, what is the solution to come out of drug addiction?

Ayurveda, the Indian scientific method of healing offers a holistic approach to come out of drug addiction by combining exercises, meditation and herbal medicines. There are many best Ayurvedic Doctors in Pune who have the credit of treating many drug addicts Using Panchakarma Therapies. In case you are on the lookout for the Best Ayurvedic doctors in Pune or want to get done Panchakarma in Pune, Kerala Ayurvedic Pune is the right place to visit.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Drug Addiction:

  • Therapy of Panchakarma:First and foremost make sure that only an Ayurvedic Expert does Panchakarma rituals or therapies on you. The Ayurvedic therapy of Panchakarma helps to detoxify the body. It is done using different types of oils and herbs as per the ancient traditions and methods thus helping in removing the negative conditions.
  • Virechana:One of the most powerful therapies of Panchakarma is Virechana and it is highly effective in the treatment of drug addiction. Virechana helps to cleanse the gastro intestinal tract along with cleansing of blood by removing toxins. It even helps to decontaminate spleen, liver, kidney, stomach, colon, intestine and also sweat glands. The Virechana therapy is done using herbs and oils namely castor oil, mango juice, cow’s milk, raisins, husk of flax seeds, psyllium seeds, Senna and Prune.
  • Rasayana Therapies:Another highly effective treatment in Ayurvedic for Drug Addiction and Drug abuse is the Rasyana therapies. The Rasayan therapy primarily works on the basis of transmutation and conservation of our energy to improve both our mental as well as physical characteristics so as to improve our body’s natural metabolic process while at the same time enhancing the functioning of the brain and the immune system. The Rasayana therapies comprises of Face, Head as well as full body massage using medicated oils and herbal creams. This therapy is very useful in removal of artificial aging occurring on account of prolonged drug abuse.
  • Yoga:The Chemicals in the drugs consumed by the drug addicts are known to cause wreck havoc on their brain during the phase of recovery. By resorting to yoga and other forms of exercises, an addict can generate endorphin chemicals in the brain that would be of great help in getting adequate clarity in the mind. To get fully recovered from drug addiction, an addict needs to get enrolled in a structured yoga class along with the ayurvedic therapies. Yoga is equally and highly beneficial to come out of drug addiction as it helps to stimulate each organ of the body without applying too much stress on any one single part.

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