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Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss


Our gross body is made up of three fundamental bio elements namely vata – qualities reflecting elements of space & air, pitta – qualities reflecting elements of fire & water kapha – qualities reflecting water & earth. Imbalance in any of these elements causes disruption in the daily functioning of the body and lead to weakening of immune system. Some severe imbalances eventually result in chronic ailments. Imbalance in pitta or excess of pitta is caused by excess intake of alcohol, coffee, and tea, fried and spicy food. Pitta elements get enhanced in hot tropical climatic condition.

Sometimes, imbalance of pitta elements paves way to severe hair fall; it’s a growing cause of concern in today society plagued with worshipping of external beauty. The explanation of the hair fall issue can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyle & stressed out daily routine.

Chief causes of hair fall is mainly due to pitta imbalances arising out of the following

Nutritional deficiencies, genetic hereditary cause, pregnancy, medical condition like diabetes, thyroid, and intake of certain medications like steroid, immunosuppressant, anemia, infection, radiation therapy and chemotherapy

You know you are heading towards a hair loss when your hair starts thinning, loses its shine & texture, & you start experiencing severe hair fall. Best natural remedies that can be applied to prevent hair fall are as follows:-

  • Practice yoga & meditation to elevate mood, release happy hormone serotonin
  • Drink sufficient glasses of water around 2-3 liters of water every day for proper nourishment of hair
  • Do not comb wet hair
  • Sound sleep of 7-8 hours is a must
  • Avoid beverage like tea, coffee & hard drinks
  • Eat iron & protein rich diet along with more of seasonal vegetables & fruits
  • Avoid spicy & oily food that only aggravates pitta
  • Apply coriander juice on scalp
  • Natural herbs mentioned in ayurvedic discipline needs a special mention as they prevent hair loss to a great extent.

Aloe vera controls hair loss & helps re growth of hair; eclipta prostrata is the ayurvedic herb to control hair loss & it has a unique property to reverse baldness & prevent graying of hair. Indian gooseberry is multiple vitamin & mineral rich & nourishes hair growth & helps bringing back the lost luster. Centella asiatica , sapindus mukorossi are known herbs found in ayurveda scriptures strengthens the root of the hair preventing hair fall, nurtures hair growth & helps bring about radiance in hair.

However prevention of hair loss can be done by home remedies only at an initial phase. A more advanced stage requires medical attention. Dr. Syam Bhargavan of Mupra kerala ayurvedic treatment centre has dedicated his life towards the service of mankind & with the help of his expert team of professionals they work round the clock to help patients recover from chronic ailments, reduces teething problems. Hair fall in an advanced stage is a cause of worry & home remedies might not help. The expert team at one of the best ayurvedic centers in Pune knows the right proportion of the combination of natural herbs to treat advanced stage ailments. To book an appointment with the expert team, take a virtual tour of the website & seek help in our chat room available 24*7.

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