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Menstrual cycle can be painful and irregular. Women at large face the challenge in their growing up years making them prone to frequent mood swing, anxiety & bloating. Premenstrual symptoms are a collection of unpleasant symptoms occur 1-2 weeks before menstruation & takes a toll on health & mind. However today’s women is spirited enough to overcome all challenges & make a place for herself in the male dominated world. We are trying our bit to support her in this sincere & honest endeavor of tiding over her crises of those days.

Menstrual cycles has a gap of 26-30 days in between however the gap might extend beyond 36 days in some case, which leads to irregularity in cycles & is considered abnormal. Medical terminology for such irregular cycles is called polymenorrhea & oligomenorrhea depending on the frequency of the gap. The cause of irregularity is embedded in our changed lifestyle.

Disturbance in lifestyle, Excessive weight loss or gain within a short span, extreme exercising, polycystic ovarian disease, intrauterine contraceptive devices, pregnancy, abortion, hypo or hyperthyroidism subsequently results in hormonal imbalance & irregularity in menstrual cycle.

Symptoms are evident from missed periods, bleeding in between periods, blood clots, cramps, painful menstruation, abnormal or excessive bleeding; by no means these symptoms should be avoided as ignoring them for long can culminate into certain chronic persistent problems. Western medicine like painkillers can bring about instant relief however regular intake of pills can be harmful for health & does not in any way eradicate the root cause of the problem.

Ancient ayurveda addresses the cause of the issue & eliminates it using a concoction of herbal & natural remedies. These, unlike pills might not bring about instant relief but regular intake as per expert physicians’ advice helps remove the problem for life leaving no space for the problem to return. Along with eradication of menstrual irregularity, ayurvedic medicine improves immunity & builds up strength in the body & spirit.

Mupra kerala ayurvedic treatment center, located in Pune, has given new lease of life to many ailing patients applying ancient traditional ayurvedic practices popularly known as ‘panchakarma’. These are the pearl of wisdom left for human race by scholar sages who dedicated their entire lives to research for well being of mankind. Ayurveda applies a holistic healing method & technique thus helping the patient get free from the problem plaguing his/her health & enlivens his/her spirit towards a healthy living.

Kerala ayurvedic treatment center was founded by Kelan Vaidyar in Kannur, Kerala around 92 years ago & has expanded its branch since then to help mankind in various other locations. The Pune center is handled by Dr.Syam Bhargavan along with his team of expert professionals.

These professionals under the able supervision of Dr. Bhargavan, applies in correct proportion herbs like asparagus racemosus, saraka indica, symplocus racemosa & others to treat irregular menses. For any bugging problem related to health, mind or spirit, seek ancient ayurvedic treatment in one of the best, authentic ayurvedic centers & heal yourself holistically.

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