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Ayurvedic Treatment For People Suffering from Kidney Renal Stones


A kidney stone is a hard crystalline form of deposits found in kidney, one of the vital organs of the human body. They are often causes of blood in urine, resulting in severe pain in lower abdomen, back & groin. In medical terminology, the condition is called nephrolithiasis. It can occur both in males & females however the condition mostly common in males. In industrialized area, occurrence of kidney stones are more frequent & people taking certain diabetic or cancer drugs are susceptible of developing kidney stones. People with family history, obesity can fall prey to kidney stone which are apparently treatable with medications & does not lead to complications however it’s a subtle signal of future renal complications if proper care is not taken.

Other causes that lead to formation of kidney stones are low fluid intake, excessive intake of refined sugar like sucrose & fructose, excess calcium supplements which has a tendency to get deposited in kidney, diet rich animal protein like large portions of red meat consumption does more harm to the body, long term untreated elevated levels of uric acid and vitamin C supplements.

Presence of kidney stones are decoded by certain symptoms like intermittent pain travelling from flank to thigh area, painful urination, obstruction in urine passage and presence of blood in urine.

Ancient traditional Indian medicinal herbs treat kidney stones in a natural way by helping the stones get dissolved & pass out with urine. Our body is made up of vayu, pitta & kaugh which are three energies & imbalance in any one of them leads to chronic or short spanned diseases. Ayurveda identifies & addresses these energies & prescribes a healthy combination of herbs & dietary changes to restore the balance thereby curing the health issue and recharging the patient with fresh vital energies.

The herb which needs a significant mention here is boerhavia diffusa or Punarnava as it’s called in ayurvedic scriptures. It has an amazing diuretic property of increasing renal blood flow. It’s unique anti inflammatory feature acts as a kidney tonic. Punarnava helps maintain a healthy heart & kidney. Another surprising feature of this green leaves are their contribution in maintaining a healthy radiant skin. In some parts of India people cook Punarnava along with other green leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, bathua leaves to prepare a side dish to be eaten with rice/roti. In Sanskrit meaning of Punarnava is rejuvenation & this name can be easily attributed to its special properties that carry oxygen to all blood cells thereby revitalizing the cells & respective organs. It helps kidneys flush out excess toxins from body thus acting as a detoxifier & increases hemoglobin content in the blood.

Other herbs when used in correct dose & right combination with other medicinal natural elements under the expert supervision produces almost a miracle in soothing & healing a diseased body. Dr. Bhargavan the center head of Pune chapter of Mupra Kerala ayurvedic treatment center is an expert with a dedicated life of service towards mankind.

Detoxify your body, rejuvenate your cells & organs with expert help & guidance in one of the best ayurvedic treatment center in Pune & relive an enlightened life.

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