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Best Ayurvedic treatments for weight loss


Here are the best Ayurvedic recommendations towards effective weight loss!

Obesity is one of the biggest health issues that confront a large part of global population. It should be understood that while obesity or being overweight is not itself a disease, it is surely a passage to host of illnesses that could be life threatening and reduce the quality of life badly. Diabetes, stroke and joint problems are few that develop as the complications of increased weight. Studies have put the imbalanced metabolism as the root cause of excess weight. The body fails to metabolize the fat that continues to accumulate thus leading to obesity. The metabolic mechanism is such complex that medicinal intervention generally fails to offer any visible results. However, Ayurveda – the traditional and time tested medicine system promises fine results through proven means which are easy to adopt and practice in day to day life. Ayurved wellness center Pune offers following recommendations to reduce excess weight.

Lighter satvik meals three times a day

Ayurveda recommends ‘satvik bhojan’ or the food which is light, nutritious and easy to digest. Satvik also means that the essential components including the ‘heat’ (or agni) should be balanced in the food so that the deviations which are the precursors of diseases are not triggered. Strict definition also corresponds to a completely vegetarian diet; however, this may not be practically possible for all and hence it is counseled that the person limits the non veg products in food to the least (say once in a week).

Adopt kapha pacifying meals pattern

According to the specialist offering weight loss in Pune, kapha pacifying meals are those which have the tendency to regulate the excess mucous production in body, maintain optimum level of heat in blood and tissues, are easy to digest and does not develop lethargy. Such food revs up body’s metabolism and keeps the excess of fat converted into calories through healthy burn up functions.

Exercise atleast three times a week

Ayurveda counsels that the person should engage in lighter exercises atleast three days a week! Exercising (not strenuous types) are essential for rejuvenating the body functions and particularly the metabolism so that body learns to utilize its fats properly rather than keep accumulating the same.

Yogic Asans and pranayams

Yoga asans are known to stimulate the secretion of hormones and enzymes in body in optimum quantities so that the necessary functions like digestion and blood circulation are carried out effectively. Pranayams or the special breathing exercises rejuvenate the senses and mind and release the good chemicals that behave as the neuro transmitters towards better functioning of the body. Pranayams are also very effective in bringing down the levels of bad chemicals that are released as a result of excess physical and mental stress in life.

Regulate your sleep; say no to daytime sleeping

Weight loss center in Pune says that the person should develop a sleep routine and try avoiding bad sleep or less sleep! This would keep the body bouncy and free from undue lethargy. Also avoid sleeping during the day as it makes body sluggish!

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