Few Ways to Reduce Acidity Naturally in Ayurveda

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Few Ways to Reduce Acidity Naturally in Ayurveda

Few Ways to Reduce Acidity Naturally in Ayurveda

Acidity is an increasing problem in today’s world. With increasing consumption of fast food and lack of a balanced diet, acidity is something that everyone is looking for a solution for with allopathy to homeopathy, even the best ayurvedic doctors in Pune are looking for a permanent solution of acidity, and these are some tips from our ayurvedic hospital in Pune to reduce acidity naturally:

Coconut water:

Coconut water is the most effective item to use as it helps balance the body’s ph scale. Because it provides electrolytes like potassium, electrolytes promote a controlled ph scale of the body, and hence it’s crucial for controlling acidity.


Overeating is one of the factors to control for reducing acidity, and overeating increases pitta formation; hence some space should always be left in the stomach for food movement during digestion.

Avoiding acidic foods:

The following foods should be consumed less frequently: spicy food, garlic, tea, coffee, and alcohol to avoid acidity formation. All these foods and ingredients are known for increasing the acidity level of the stomach. In addition, preserved and pre-packaged food should also be avoided.

Don’t suppress:

Controlling natural urges such as urinating, passing stool, sneezing, yawning, and even crying may block pitta in the stomach. The blockage leads to an increase in acidity level in the stomach.

Aloe vera juice:

Drinking aloe vera in the morning empty stomach helps in improving digestion. This is because the elements of aloe vera control the acid secretion in the stomach for digestion.

Cold milk:

If you regularly experience stomach and heartburns due to acidity, cold milk mixed with water can help in reducing the burns.

Fennel seed:

Generally eaten after the meal, fennel seeds are used to control acid release in the stomach for digestion. If experienced heartburns, fennel seeds can be taken with Mishri and cold milk to reduce burns.

Reduce stress:

Stress is the most underrated cause of acidity, and it should be avoided using meditation and other happiness-boosting exercises.

Our Ayurvedic Hospital in Pune recommends these tips, used to control acidity naturally. If it still isn’t cured, visit us. Our hospital houses some of the best ayurvedic doctors in Pune.

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