Find out how Ayurveda can cure congenital heart disease!

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How shirodhara treats a migraine?

Find out how Ayurveda can cure congenital heart disease!

Ayurveda is among the oldest chronicles of medicine and holistic healing & was developed by the knowledgeable sages of yester centuries. This science of healing stands tall and uncontested even now; & modern medical researches validate its principles and therapies with full rationality. In fact, Ayurveda is considered by people who do not find relief in their conditions through the new age med treatments. A migraine is one such problem that affects a large number of people; while its causes remain more or less obscure.

Researches explain the incidences of a migraine due to change in the biochemistry of the brain tissues. However, this change can be induced through diverse factors, explains the leading specialist offering Ayurvedic treatment Vimannagar, Pune. He recommends shirodhara as the best treatment for migraine problem!

Shirodhara for migraine relief

Ayurveda being a composite science of wellness and healing attempts every condition at its core. Shirodhara which is an oil massage of the forehead delivers fast results towards alleviating the problem of a migraine. While the treatment involves the external application of herbal medicated oils, the results are developed deeper in the brain tissues and the distorted biochemistries are corrected. Leading Ayurvedic hospital Pune offers dedicated shirodhara procedures through the well-trained experts. It should be stated that Ayurveda cautions against the improper methods and mandates only the techniques that have been recommended in the original texts. Hence, the need for trained caregivers!

How shirodhara treats a migraine?

Shirodhara involves pouring the medicated oil on the forehead of the person while he/she is lying on the table in a relaxed posture. The oil is generally poured through a pot that drains it out gently on the forehead. There is no hard massaging of the head but the process itself continues for several minutes. The herbs present in the medicated oil reach deep in the scalp and down to the brain and sinuses where these generate the desired corrections. As a result of such deeper action, the brain tissues get de-stressed while the biochemistry is also corrected. In objective terms, the ability of the brain to respond to external factors (that were earlier the cause of a migraine) is corrected and the incidences of pain and sensitivity are reduced significantly.

Shirodhara needs to be repeated, recommends the specialist offering Ayurvedic treatment Vimannagar, Pune! As per the severity of the condition in every case, the doctor prescribes cycles of shirodhara; while other Ayurvedic procedures like panchakarma may be also prescribed.

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