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Paralysis is generally an outcome of damages in brain or spinal cord that could have occurred due to trauma, blood clots, nerve diseases, autoimmune diseases, or tumor. It is usually characterized by loss of control of muscular function and can affect either partially or completely. Paralysis is categorized into several variants based on the region in which muscular movement is affected. Hemiplegia is one of the common forms of paralysis and affects one side of the face along with the corresponding leg and arm.

Ayurveda refers Hemiplegia as Pakshaghat and attributes its occurrence to vata vikruti or severe disruption of vata dosha. At this juncture, it should be recalled that the motor and sensory control of our complete body is carried out by vata. Ayurveda prescribes several internal medicines and external treatment techniques to treat Hemiplegia and the treatment direction is always aligned to restore sensory and motor functions of brain. These techniques are extensively used at our ayurvedic treatment centre in Pune not only to relieve patients from the discomfort but also to provide complete cure.

Internal medicines:

Not all internal medicines of ayurveda for Pakshaghat are suitable for patients. Based on the various dosha levels and existence of diseases such as hypertension or high serum cholesterol, medicines are changed to arrive at the perfect treatment plan. These medicines are rich in antioxidants and hence they are administered to enhance the availability of oxygen in brain and thereby revive the dormant cells. Medicines are usually made out of but not restricted to:

  • Bala – Country Mallow
  • Ashwagandha – Winter Cherry
  • Radish oil

External treatments:

For better results, ayurveda always employs plethora of external treatments along with internal medicines. The external treatments are devised such that they are beneficial for relieving the stiffness in muscular system and also for stimulating the internal organs to balance doshas.

  • Oil massage: Tailas (oils) like Mahamasha, dhanwantaram, and ksheerabala are extensively used to strengthen the muscular system and reduce the tension associated with it.
  • Panchakarma treatment: Panchakarma therapies are very effective in rendering immense benefits while treating paralysis.
    • Basti – Considered as the mother of all panchakarma treatments, it cleanses the disturbances in dosha levels
    • Nasya – Administration of medicated oils through nostrils
  • Oil application and massaging particular parts of the body also yields results for patients who do not have excess level of kapha dosha.
    • Shiro Abhyanga – application of oil in head
    • Sharera Abhyanga – application of oil in full body
    • Pada abhyanga – application of oil in lower limbs

Can it be completely cured?

Having offered paralysis treatment in Pune, we would like to stress the fact that success of treatments typically depends on several factors:

  • Age of the patient
  • Any other pre-existing diseases such as hypertension or diabetes
  • Lapse of time between the initiation of treatment and onset of paralytic attack.

Early stages of paralytic attacks are completely curable and in other cases, most of the symptoms can be reduced and remarkable improvement in patient condition can be achieved. That being said, the nature of paralysis is quite complicated and the recovery is slow process. Hence persistent efforts and determination are very much required along with ayurvedic treatment to combat this disease.

How to detect paralysis:

As mentioned earlier, complete cure can be obtained if treatments are initiated at earliest possible opportunities. Hence it becomes paramount importance to identify symptoms that lead to a paralytic attack.

  • Restricted voluntary movement of limbs
  • Muscular spasms, pain and stiffness
  • Incoherent speech or difficulty in swallowing food
  • Severe anxiety and depression

Ayurveda has been one of the ancient medicinal systems in the world and has well defined treatment procedures for all conditions for Hemiplegia. To know more details about the treatment procedures or explore the possibility of Hemiplegia treatment, you can always schedule an appointment and contact our best ayurvedic doctor in Pune.

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