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Ayurvedic hospital Pune offers Uttar Basti treatment to cure infertility in men and women

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine system from India and is a result of the dedicated pursuits of sages and practitioners who worked to identify the precious herbs in natural environment and determined the specific methods of their use for relief in different ailments and conditions. The mode of treatment in Ayurveda is very generic because the objective is to correct the underlying doshas and thus establish the vital balance in the mind and body. Ayurveda also offers to cure the infertility problems in males and females and recommends specialty therapies and procedures that make use of the power of herbs to relieve the problem. Uttar Basti is one such Ayurvedic process that is actually a type of panchkarma treatment administered through the vaginal and urinary tracts in females and males respectively. This process uses herbal decoctions that cleanse and nourish the internal organs towards treatment of the disorder.

Infertility treatment in females

Infertility conditions are very complex and could be the result of different reasons that may or may not be evident. In females, the infertility conditions can result from the inability to ovulate or if the fallopian tubes are blocked then the egg so released would fail to reach to the uterus for fertilization with the sperm. Other reasons for infertility in females could be related to uterus malfunctions like the non conducive atmosphere for fertilization or impregnation of the fertilized ovum. These are the direct reasons that generate infertility while the underlying hormonal imbalances could be also an independent or allied cause. Uttar Basti Ayurvedic treatment for infertility problems in females involves delivering the special herbal decoction made in oil into the uterus through the vaginal orifice. Ayurvedic hospital Pune administers this procedure in a professional manner through dedicated implements and care is taken to prevent any kind of infections.

Treatment of infertility in males

Infertility problems in males could be due to impotency (the inability to develop erections for penetrative intercourse) or because of the problems related to semen/sperm production and quality. Often such problems are caused due to improper functioning of the sex glands like the prostate that gets ridden with infection or other conditions. Uttar Basti treatment is also administered in males to treat the problems related to the sex glands. In males, the herbal decoction is delivered through the urethral passage in penis. This is done through special implements like a flexible tubing that is inserted into penis to carry the herbal liquid. Leading Ayurvedic medicine Pune center specializes in this technique for treatment of infertility problems in both men and women.

Benefits of Uttar Basti

Uttar Basti Ayurvedic treatment has been found very effective in relieving the problem of blockages in fallopian tubes and clearing of infections in the uterine cavity which is causing the fertility issues. The herbal decoction is prepared with specialty herbs that nourish the sex organs internally to boost their capacity to help in conception. In males also, this decoction not only cures the infection and inflammation conditions of prostate but it also strengthens the sex organs towards effective production of fluids and thus cure infertility problems.

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