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Find out the natural remedies of Ayurveda to treat psoriasis effectively

Our body works on the delicate balance that nature ensured in all of us so that the biochemistries are maintained at optimum levels and everything works correctly as desired. When we suffer external attack through pathogens, then too our immune system responds proactively to fight off the infection and save the body from unsought conditions. However, many a times, the immune system fails to read the signals correctly and undue triggers are established which lead to allergies and auto immune disorders. These disorders often manifest as specific conditions with some signs and symptoms that are not usual. Psoriasis is one such skin condition that is related to an auto immune disorder and is caused when body’s immune system reads normal cells as external pathogens thus triggering increased division/multiplication of the skin cells. This leads to the formation of raised red patches with silvery scales of dead skin on it. Leading Ayurvedic treatment Magarpatta, Pune center offers vital counselling and treatment to pacify the condition and establish resurrections at the earliest.

Reasons of psoriasis according to Ayurveda –

  • Improper diet or mithya aahar – increased intake of yoghurt, black gram, seafood, spicy foods, sour foods, meida (refined wheat flour), junk foods, bakery products, salty foods and processed foods can trigger the distortions in biochemistries and toxins buildup.
  • Incompatible diet or virudhha ahaar – which is otherwise not recommended for the particular person as per the Ayurvedic counsels that take into account the ‘pravritti’ of the dosh and allied imbalances.
  • Improper lifestyle or mithya vihara – deviating from the normal lifestyle and patterns like relating to sleep and waking times, eating and others could alter the biochemistries and trigger unsought immune responses.
  • Excess of physical and mental stress
  • Unknown causes or adrista hetu – which cannot be traced!

Treatment and cures of psoriasis in Ayurveda –

Best Ayurvedic doctors in Pune recommend the use of these herbs to pacify the undesired immune triggers and to clear the toxins from the body.

  • Neem – it is a natural blood purifier and detox agent and also balances the immune system.
  • Aloe vera – extract of aloe vera could be applied topically in a regular manner. It is helpful in reducing redness and itching
  • Capsaicin – it is an active ingredient in chillies and it reduces itching, scaling, redness, and swelling of the psoriasis patches
  • Guggul – it contains amla, vibhitaki, haritaki, ginger, long pepper, guduchi, black pepper and other herbs which offer to cleanse the body and skin tissue of its toxins and also removes excess fats and fluids.
  • Turmeric – it is a natural antioxidant and anti inflammatory agent also

According to a clinic offering psoriasis treatment in Pune, the herbal recommendations should be coupled with the lifestyle interventions like avoiding excess sun exposure for skin, wearing loose, soft cotton clothes, lighter exercises, and avoiding injury to skin to have the best results.

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