Netra Tharpanam – The Trusted Ayurvedic Eye Care Therapy!

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Netra Tharpanam

Netra Tharpanam – The Trusted Ayurvedic Eye Care Therapy!

Eyes are precious and make our life colorful! However, most of us take our eyes for granted and put them under strain. The ever increasing environmental pollution is also a major hazard for our eyes that get stressed up, weak and diseased easily. Ayurveda offers dedicated therapies to maintain the good health of eyes so that eyesight is never hampered. Leading clinic providing panchakarma Ayurvedic treatment in Pune specializes in eye care therapies such as netra tharpanam. The word ‘tharpanam’ means retaining herbal medicines over the eyes and the process is performed towards ensuring several benefits for the eyes.


What is netra tharpanam?

‘Netra tharpanam’ involves the external administration of vital herbal concoctions that are prepared by mixing special herbs in oils. These oils are retained over the eyes for a definite duration that should not be less than 30 – 45 minutes. For this, the eyes region is bordered with herbal paste like of black gram flour that holds the medicated oils like a barrier. The health benefits of the medicated oil are thus maximized.


The benefits –

Expert practitioners at the noted clinic offering panchakarma Ayurvedic treatment in Pune count multiple benefits of netra tharpanam for the taker. These can be explained below –

  • Relieves stressed eyes – the herbs reach deep in the eye tissues and offer effective relief.
  • Eyes irritation is eliminated – irritation problem due to infection or pollution is cured
  • Reduces swelling and puffiness around eyes – the muscles around the eyes are de-stressed which reduces puffiness
  • Strengthening of the optic nerve – the optic nerve that transmits the signals to brain is strengthened through regeneration
  • Cures corneal problems – cornea which responds less to other treatments has been found to develop resurrection through netra tharpanam
  • Reduces headache – headaches occurring due to eyes strain are cured with this Ayurvedic therapy.

Netra tharpanam is an excellent therapy that offers evident benefits relating to eye health, if administered through expert!

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