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Ayurvedic diet and infertility


Fertility is one of the best ways to gauge your overall health even if you do not wish to have children. The human body has naturally evolved for reproduction, and when the different systems of the body are in sync, your body is more fertile. However, if you are stressed or undernourished, it will reflect on your fertility.

Ayurvedic studies suggest that infertility occurs when there is a lack of nutrition in the reproductive tissues or Shukra dhatu. Infertility can be effectively tackled by adopting an Ayurvedic diet which focuses on the development of healthy reproductive tissues. Besides, experts suggest that no medication will be useful if the required diet is not observed.

Ayurvedic diet and infertility

Diet management, especially for fertility, strictly focuses towards Ojas, the primary essence of all the tissues in the body. Ojas is also considered as a sub-product of Shukra Dhatu. Thus, the diet primarily includes food items that nurture Ojas and excludes food items that diminish it. It is essential to note that the diet will regulate ovulation significantly and improve fertilization.


Food items that build Ojas

    • Whole foods :-
      Whole food items have all the necessary nutrients that the human body requires which plays a vital role in keeping the hormonal levels in check. Food items that enhance fertility include fresh organic vegetables and fruits (pear, plum, mangoes, peach, peas, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, beetroot), whole grains, etc.
    • Dry fruits :-
      Dry fruits including, figs, dates, almonds, walnuts and raisins also have a positive impact on fertility.
    • Spices :-
      Carom seed powder (ajwain), cumin (cleanses the uterus in women and the genitourinary tract in males, turmeric (enhances hormonal interaction) and black cumin all play a part in boosting fertility
      As jaggery and black sesame seeds are rich in iron and vitamin E. Besides, the phytochemicals present in the sesame seeds regulate hormones leading to positive changes in the body.
      Further, coriander (dhania), curry leaves, basil (Tulasi), Indian gooseberry (Amla) significantly enhance our body’s immunity. It is also essential to keep your body well-hydrated by drinking water and digestive teas.
    • Vata diet for infertility :-
      In the case of Vata imbalance, opt for food items that are well-cooked, moist, heavy, and warm.
    • Pitta diet for infertility :-
      If there is a Pitta imbalance, your diet should include food items rich in nutrients.
  • Kapha diet for infertility :-
    In the case of Kapha imbalance, we suggest increasing the consumption of light and warm food.
    Infertility can be overcome and optimized effectively using different Ayurvedic techniques. Besides, these Ayurvedic strategies will also promote the overall general health and well-being of individuals.
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