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It is an irrefutable fact that ayurveda, the purest form of medical science, guides us to achieve unparallel health. Fortified with age old practices of purification and rejuvenation, it is no wonder ayurveda provides the perfect preventive and healing therapy. Panchakarma, the detoxification and cleansing process of ayurveda, easily achieves the much needed balance in body and mind, says a medical professional associated with the best panchakarma treatment centre in Pune. Let’s have a brief tour of panchakarma therapy and learn what exactly it is and how it benefits an individual.

  • What is Panchakarma?The word panchakarma is combination of two words – ‘Pancha’ means Five and ‘Karma’ means action. Hence the word Panchakarma denotes that five different actions are associated with detoxification process.
    • Vamana – This process involves the elimination of kapha or mucus from the respiratory system. The accumulated kapha is removed through vomits, which are in turn induced by a special concoction made out of different spices.
    • Virechana – Being a laxative therapy, this basically concentrates in removing Pitta out of liver, spleen, liver, kidneys, and small intestine. Right from cow’s milk to flaxseed hulk, numerous other herbs and ingredients are used to formulate the special laxative agent that is used in this treatment procedure.
    • Basti – Although this procedure takes care of vata dosha responsible for gastric problems, it takes good care of other two doshas – pitta and kapha also. Based on the root cause of problems, the composition of enema that is used for treatment through Basti is determined.
    • Nasya – Being a very relieving treatment, this involves the administration of medicines through nasal route. Nasya has very high potential to treat several complications associated with kapha toxin. In few cases, nasya treatment also involves inhalation of medicated vapors that are generated by boiling herbs in water.
    • Rakta Mokshana – It is the process through which the toxins that are absorbed inside the blood stream are removed. It is worthwhile to note that Rakta Mokshana, elimination of toxins through bloodletting is not practiced in many centres due to the high risk of infection. Hence it is usually not prescribed during a general panchakarma treatment, and is practiced only in rare situations.

    Why Panchakarma? Generally each individual has the ability to flush out all toxins and correctly balance all doshas in the body with the help of their own mechanisms. But due to unhealthy lifestyle habits, unrestricted diet practices, malfunctioning of organs, diseases, hereditary conditions and poor physical activities, these toxins could not be flushed out and they keep on building up inside the body. It goes without saying that over the period of time, these toxins are bound to cause disease that can be life threatening in few cases. In the present day busy world, it is next to impossible to lead a life that is not plagued with stress, pollution, and other degenerative ambience. Panchakarma effectively does what our body could not do on its own – detoxifies, removes excess doshas and completely balances.

    Personalization of Panchakarma: No two individuals are same and so is their body condition. As every individual has organs performing in varying magnitude, panchakarma is usually highly personalized to suit their needs which are completely based on present medical status, dosha imbalances, and digestive strength. Hence, based on the requirement, part or any combination of five therapies is deployed by expert ayurvedic physicians.

    Panchakarma diet: No ayurvedic treatment is complete without prescribed diet and panchakarma is no exception. As the treatment involves detoxification, the results become prominent only if special diet devoid of toxin generating food is consumed. Hence all ayurvedic centre prescribess or provides special dietary food for their patients undergoing panchakarma treatment to ensure the complete removal of toxins and thereby to achieve good results.

    Indulgence in panchakarma on a seasonal basis is one of the best ways to keep in pink of health, recommends an ayurvedic doctor in Pune. If you are looking for a holistic treatment through panchakarma or ayurvedic massage in Pune, do feel free to contact us for an initial consultation and we will strive to achieve the best results for you.

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