Reduce Stress Level with Ayurveda

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Reduce Stress Level with Ayurveda

Reduce Stress Level with Ayurveda

Stress is the most unavoidable part of life. Nine in ten people are stress victimized and there is no medical treatment that could cure it by its root, unless, one could learn to control their adrenaline rush.

Imagine you are late for an office meeting that demands your presence by hook or by crook. You were stuck in traffic and couldn’t show up at the venue. The above incident cannot be controlled by you and is completely natural. Yet, you run towards the coffee machine and grab a cup of coffee to stabilize your adrenaline rush. This false adrenaline rush solution never lasts long. As a result, we increase our caffeine intake that further imbalances overall body function.

Whether you are struggling with stress due to some particular problem or it has become the routine part of your life, Ayurveda – the holistic Indian healing method has some sure-fire ways to help you with stress relief treatment in Pune.

The mind is a complex organ circumscribed to our body functions, actions, and thoughts. According to Ayurveda, our mind encircles three states namely “sattva” (knowledge) “rajas” (distraction), and “tamas” (ignorance). Our mental health is highly influenced by these three states. By controlling our rajas and tamas, we could easily conquer our sattva.

Our stress relief centre in Pune helps people control their state of mind from decades now. Today, Kerala Ayurvedic centre is second to none in terms of infrastructure, amenities, expertise, and results.

Our stress treatment procedure includes

1) Shirodhara – In this method, warm oil is poured onto the stress concentrated area on the forehead. The comforting warmth of the oil releases stress from the nerves and offer calmness.

2) Abhyanga – The treatment includes oil massage for the entire body. Other than stress, Abhyanga is prescribed for problems associated with bone and paralysis. The oil used for this is a mixture of aromatic oils and herbs that calm our nerves thus, offering peace to our body and mind.

3) Pranayama – Practiced by Ayurvedic centers, Pranayama is a combination of deep breathing and yogic exercises that comforts our brain and helps our body to function properly.

4) Herbal Remedies – A mixture of Brahmi, Bhringraj, Bacopa, Shankhapuspi, etc are prescribed to the patient. These herbs have a special power of releasing stress from the brain as it opens up the nerve cells and boosts blood circulation.

Kerala Ayurvedic Pune has a rich history of successful healing of diseases, disorders, and mental imbalances. Our expert therapists and professionals are ever ready to help you achieve good health and a good life.

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