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Ayurvedic hospital Pune specializes in effective cure of varicose veins condition

Health and fitness is desired by everyone but often such aspirations are not materialized for all. In most cases, as we get older, we start to develop various disorders and health issues. The general weakness and debility that settles in our body and its organs is responsible for development of disease conditions. ‘Varicose veins’ is one such problem that is traced to various reasons and risk factors including heredity.

Varicose veins condition involves bulging of the veins and make them appear as dark purplish to black due to the blood that starts to accumulate in them. This condition is generally seen in the lower legs where the physical strain is high due to routine tasks or prolonged standing. However, the core reason is linked to the partial failure of the valves in the veins such that the upward flow of blood is affected and blood starts to accumulate in the veins causing them to bulge out. Ayurveda offers to cure this condition through the use of dedicated herbs and therapies that are aimed at resurrecting the failing vales. Ayurvedic hospital Pune offers effective treatment of varicose veins problem through the use of herbal thailams and other vital medicines of proven value.

Effective treatment of varicose veins available in Ayurveda

Varicose veins are often accompanied with milder pain symptoms which make it problematic condition apart from the cosmetic deformity that is resulted in chronic cases. Females have been found more vulnerable to varicose veins problem because of the hormonal factor which is also a potent determinant of it. Hormonal changes in females like during pregnancy or at menopause or due to intake of contraceptive pills have been found linked to the development of varicose veins. This happens because the hormonal changes lead to more than normal relaxation of the valves in the veins thus causing the improper blood flow patterns in leg veins. Also during pregnancy, the greater amount of blood in female body creates its own pressure and blood looses proper upward flow in legs; gravity further aids the accumulation of blood in leg veins.

While allopathic medicine recommends surgery to remove the deformed and spider veins that bulge out, Ayurveda promises effective results through the use of authentic herbs that have been known to cure the relaxed valve condition. Ayurvedic medicine Pune specialty center has developed fine competence in curing varicose veins and it administers dedicated external and internal medicine to check the further worsening of valves and improve the vein health.

Ayurvedic medicine Pune center offers complete care and counselling

Treatment of varicose veins includes much more than medicines. Since this condition is caused or perpetuated by various factors, the treatment also includes precautions like avoiding standing for long time, quitting smoking, adopt of other contraception method than the hormonal pills, try placing the legs at a raised level to help proper flow of blood in veins and of course healthy eating for effective regeneration of nerves and tissues. Ayurvedic hospital Pune ensures complete care and counselling of its patients apart from administering the vital herb based medicines (like brahmi) and Ayurvedic oils such as Prasaarini thailam and Chanadanabaala laakshaadi thailam among others.

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