Six Steps to Fight Stress with Ayurveda

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In the ever-hectic lifestyle of modern society, stress is an inevitable part. Stress might arise out of either personal or professional complexities, and may manifest in a number of health issues like anxiety, fatigue, unhealthy sleep, headaches.

If stress is unavoidable, then it becomes all the more necessary to counteract it. Stress Relief Centre Pune has some time-tested ways to deal with stress and make life healthier emotionally and mentally, and hence physically as well.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Drug Addiction:

  • Healthy Sleep:

    A sound sleep is the key to a good health. Eight hours of sleep is a requirement of human body. Sleep calms the body, and by extension, the mind. It helps in relieving all the stress the human body encountered throughout the day. An unhealthy sleep may result in more headaches, weak memory, fatigue, reduces immunity.

  • Medicinal Herbs:

    Amla, Ashwagandha, Mint, Chamomile tea are natural relaxants that reduce stress and calm the body.

  • Healthy Eating:

    Eating junk food does not help in keeping the body healthy. Our physical health influences our mental health and vice-versa. Eating fruits and green vegetables nourishes our body and provides anti-oxidants which can go a long way in reducing stress.

  • Exercise:

    Taking a morning walk everyday refreshes and enlivens the body. Ayrurved Hospital Pune focuses on not over-exercising. Working your body is a significant way of allowing your body to rest.

  • Rest during Down Time:

    “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” is a common phrase we learnt in our childhood, but seem to forget as we grow up. It is important to take some time out from the busy schedule for oneself.

  • Restore Inner Balance:

    A busy and tight schedule in the modern day is the norm. This creates a pressure on the body where the body feels exhausted but the mind asks it to keep working. This creates incoherence within one’s body and creates stress. The only way to deal with this is establishing the inner connection which we have lost in our pursuit of external goals. Meditation helps us integrate our body, mind, and heart. This integration increases our resilience, resistance to stress, and help us make better decisions.

A stressful life reduces the productivity of human body and creates troubles in one’s life, which then adds to the stress. It is a vicious cycle and the only way out of it is incorporating healthy habits in one’s lifestyle. Above mentioned are some ways one can improve one’s health and reduce stress, and make life more fruitful and peaceful.